Hey, This Place Looks Pretty!

Hi friends and strangers,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve put any love into this space, so I thought I’d spend some time making the place a little more colorful and cozy in advance of the new year.

Over the last year, I’ve not only officially become ABD in my doctoral program (all but dissertated, is what that means, or so they tell me) but I’ve also taken up the thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing hobby of watercoloring. Not in a landscapey way or anything, but I can make some lovely abstract flowers… It’s a start.

In publishing news, I have less to report. My manuscript, The Auspices, is currently pending at several contests after having been a finalist at four contests last year, so I have definite hopes and moderate expectations. Once the new year is in full swing, I’ll also have two poems coming out with Indiana Review, which is fantastic because I adore that journal and have been aiming for them for years now.

And finally, for accountability’s sake, allow me to grandly state that I have begun a new book-length project of poems that explore the strange overlap between fanfiction and narrative poetics through the mode of multiperspectivity and epistemology. Ooh, so many fancy words! I really just hope I can pull it off…




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